KW Whittier

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We set out with a vision to lead and support agents to greatness

- to be the largest and most successful company in the real estate community.
Now, we’ve done one better... We’re a company that no agent ever wants to leave.

When you work with KW Whittier, you become part of the family. You have a voice. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or your license is hot off the press, we provide full support, thorough training, and above all, a unique and palpable energy like no other.



Contract classes




Market update meetings

Personal coaching + mentorship


Become a real estate expert with our all-encompassing training programs


Experience our dynamic and empowering support system for pros at every level. Through our coaching and mentorship, we will guide you to success through training on a variety of industry themes including lead generation, adapting to an ever-changing market, and developing success habits for long term business.

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Unique to KW Whittier, we value the immense benefits of
one-on-one training.

We provide above and beyond mentorship with our very own Productivity Coach for agents who have had their license for less than a year.

For up to two transactions, your coach will be there every step of the transaction providing knowledge and support so that you can take on the real estate world with confidence.